a two new updates – 1706 and 1707 TP

Today Microsoft released a two new updates – 1706 for Current Branch and 1707 for Technical Preview.

Here are just few of the new features of 1706:

  • SecureBoot and TPM inventory data;
  • Azure AD-enabled Cloud Management;
  • Reload boot images with latest WinPE version during the “Update Distribution Points” wizard;
  • Configuration Manager Update Reset Tool;
  • Create and run PowerShell scripts.

You can find more information in ConfigMgr team blog and in official documentation.

Some new feature of 1707 TP:

  • Surface Device dashboard;
  • Windows Defender Application Guard policies;
  • Client Peer Cache support for express installation files for Windows 10 and Office 365.

You can find more information in ConfigMgr team blog and in official documentation.

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